Can i water sod on a pallet?

Watering the lawn while it's still on the platform won't help. The heat of decay is what will cause the grass to spoil, not the lack of moisture.

Can i water sod on a pallet?

Watering the lawn while it's still on the platform won't help. The heat of decay is what will cause the grass to spoil, not the lack of moisture. If you wait too long and the grass starts to turn yellow, it may still survive. Simply take a roll, put it on the floor and unroll it.

Be sure to “tighten the edges without overlapping”. See our DIY lawn installation page for an easy installation guide. In most cases, don't allow your grass pallets to sit for more than 24 hours from picking up to installing, and that's ideal conditions. If possible, choose a cooler, more cloudy day for the lawn installation, as this reduces stress on the lawn.

If the weather is exceptionally hot or dry, be sure to install the lawn as soon as it arrives and moisten the area where you plan to place it before laying it. You can, but you'll have to repack it. If you leave it, you will sink into it, making holes when you step on it and contributing to an uneven patio. Watering properly should be enough for the roots to develop well, without tilling them beforehand.

If you think the dirt is too compact, you can use a rake to grind it down a bit. Growing conditions, site preparation, facilities, and time of season all change the time it takes for the lawn to root. It usually takes 2 weeks for shallow roots and six weeks to establish deep root growth. Raise the lawn and, if you don't see white roots after 2 weeks, review your watering schedule.

Irrigation may need to be reduced to allow the roots to begin fetching water. Can I wet a grass pallet to keep it cool before installation? Buy your lawn through a third party, such as a plant nursery, and there's no way to know how long your lawn has been in the nursery before it reaches your home. If you have large quantities of grass to install and you don't have enough manpower, your grass blades could be seated and overheated. However, no matter how well you have organized your turf delivery, things sometimes take an unexpected turn and you realize that your lawn will need to be stored for a few hours or even days before laying it.

Spring is the best time to install turf for warm-weather grasses like those that grow well in Florida, such as St. At this time of year, dormant grass roots are slowly reactivating, but once the weather warms up, the grass will take off. You'll always want freshly harvested grass, but it's especially important to start with the coolest grass if it's hot or dry on the day of installation. You need to unpack the pallet, move each piece of grass, place it carefully, cut through landscape features, and make sure the grass doesn't overlap and leave no gaps.

The first and foremost principle of turf is to plan ahead and organize your turf delivery accurately. We suggest that you order directly from a turf farm such as Twinwood Farms so that you know when your lawn has been harvested. The best way to ensure you get the freshest and healthiest grass is to order directly from a grower, such as Council Growers Sod in Tampa.

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